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Fireplace trends for 2020

What's new in fireplaces? Well, designers are constantly badgering the technicians to make visual and convenience improvements. Maybe you haven't caught up, but this is whats been on offer recently. Mainly, it's about realism.

Improved visuals: If your fireplace doesn't have the gas flames actually coming out of the faux logs, then you're still in 2018! The latest models feature what we're calling 'real flame Gas Logs'. Not only does this system enhance the realistic effect of our High Definition ceramic logs, but we've also added a permanently glowing firebed of 'ashes' powered by LED lights. Some models even allow one to adjust the colours and the flickering effect, whilst others can be used even when the gas flames are turned off in summer, to maintain a certain ambience in the evening.

Glass all around: Tunnel or 'see-through' gas fireplaces have been around for a while. Two-sided fireplaces are popular in open plan living areas, often dividing the kitchen and dining area, or living space and kitchen. Glass-fronted, balanced flue gas fireplaces make this possible without having to have a big chimney to make it work.

We even have see-through vertical fireplaces, great in the kitchen or smaller living space, as they don't take up too much space, but still have that 'wow factor'.

Three sided room-dividers aren't that new, either, but they do a similar job to that of the see-through genre. Stylish and full of design possibilities.

But if you've always wanted a central fireplace but have been put off by the idea of naked flames, or the thought that the chimney might not be man enough, we now have the answer.

A four sided glass fireplace by Urban Fires
The all new Urban Fires UF1400-4S-GL four-sided central fireplace.

You may think that it looks impossible to do, but we have created a genuine four-sided balanced flue gas fireplace which not only provides that innovative look, but it's also available with our real flame Gas Log burners and the LED ashes underbed! More news on this soon.

More glass, less glass: Many gas fireplaces are available today with anti-reflective glass panels, which makes them look much more like the well-loved, but rapidly becoming obsolete, real open fire. It's that realism thing again. We can also add black mirror reflective glass panels at the back of the fireplace, to double the number of flames.

Convenience: A few years ago, we all thought that a remote-controlled gas fireplace was but a dream, but now pretty much all medium- and top-end models have this facility. But did you know that some now can be connected to your home WiFi network, so that the fireplace can be operated by a smartphone or tablet app?

This connectivity also allows such fireplaces to be connected to many of the home automation systems that have become so fashionable, for example Control 4. Looking into the future, we believe that such systems will allow the factory to monitor for malfunctions and to provide reminders about servicing.

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