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Modern fireplace styles using all fuels - gas, electric, bioethanol & wood - with or without flues.

Many with our hybrid Gas Logs/LED fuel bed technology.

Inspirational bespoke, designer and contemporary gas fireplaces. We collaborate with you to redefine modern fireplace design with smart home technology.


Our contemporary fireplace collection consists of gas fireplaces, woodburners, electric or bioethanol fireplaces. Our custom wall fires are from our beautiful range of luxury fireplace designs which can be integrated into all kinds of interior decor. Browse our contemporary wall fireplace range for ideas for your project.

Each gas fireplace is operated as standard by remote control handset, with options to connect to WiFi for smartphone or tablet operation. Or connect to Home Automation with our interface cable. Contact IndigoZest for home automation info. 

Urban Fires gas log fireplace
What is a balanced flue
Urban Fires UF1230 Vertical gas fireplac
Urban Fires corner gas fireplace
Urban Fires three sided gas fireplace
Urban Fires tunnel (see through) gas fireplace
Urban Fires large linear gas fireplace with ribbon burner
Urban Fires electric fireplace
Urban Fires room divider gas fireplace
UF800-ST-V Vertical gas fireplace
Urban Fires woodburning fireplaces
Urban Fires bioethanol fireplace
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