We offer the widest range of outside fireplaces and outdoor lifestyle products in Europe - including contemporary European design fire pits and exclusive outdoor living products such as Cubic outdoor kitchens and modern BBQs, inspirational, bespoke, design-led and contemporary outdoor gas fireplaces, firebowls and firetables.

We love to collaborate with you or your designer to redefine outdoor fireplace design. Our contemporary fireplace collection consists of gas fireplaces with smart fire technology, woodburning fireplaces, and bioethanol fireplaces -also a bespoke service.

We even have outdoor fireplaces for locations where the environment is partially enclosed by a roof and more than two walls, which would normally disallow the use of an open gas fireplace. See the 'Specialist' tag below.

Our bespoke Signature frameless wall fires and fire pit options can be customised in great detail and can be integrated into all styles of exterior layout. Not sure how to choose an outdoor burner? Check out our blog. The genius is in the detail!


Browse our range below for ideas for your project. There are more images in the Gallery.

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Manor House outdoor fireplace

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