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We offer a wide range of ready-made or bespoke linear & square gas fire pits, with their all-inclusive seating possibilities and each equipped with our unique smart fire technology by remote handset,

smartphone app or home automation.

Click on an image below for more information.

There are many variations of size, materials and finishes, so we make most of our firepits to order, usually in just 15-20 working days, or less. They are available with sophisticated remote control outdoor gas or manual ignition bioethanol burners and can even be connected to home automation. Contact IndigoZest for home automation info.

We offer several standard sizes in polished concrete, but we specialise in helping designers create something unique for their clients in one of the many colours, shades or textures of Photon porcelain, engineered stone or granite. Even RAL-coloured metal or Corten steel. See Photon firepit innovations here for inspiration.

Generally, our firepits can be considered as a hybrid of firepit and firetable, but we also make dedicated firetables.

Every one of our handmade firepits will be unique and each may be permeated by a rich complexity of colour or shade variation. No single sample or image can tell the whole story. Our colour range offers a great balance with contemporary garden design - rich and natural - but every firepit will be different to a certain extent. Have a lovely surprise when yours arrives! If a truly consistent finish is required, choose porcelain, granite or engineered stone.


Here is the complete range of porcelain colours for the Photon range, although some would say it's always best to view samples before purchase or request individual samples in the post, this is a great starting point:

Popular finishes:

Plain finishes:

Textured finishes:

Marbleised finishes:

Download the complete colour set here

Brochure download and technical info here or come and see us at the Sky House Design Centre.  Click here for fuel bed options.

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