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Yes, as seen on Grand Designs!

A Wall Fire (sometimes also known as a firewall) will typically consist of an outdoor gas burner with smart fire technology and a unique bespoke steel Signature firebox assembly designed to suit your project.

This assembly will be built into a purpose-built masonry enclosure by site contractors as it is generally part of a landscape scheme, but can also be a stand-alone component, installed at any time after the garden has been completed.

We will make the firebox to your chosen dimensions between 700mm wide and 3000mm wide - and it will be made from 2mm black, weathercoated, galvanised steel, or optionally 304 brushed stainless steel - even 316 brushed marine-grade stainless steel for coastal sites (with a lifetime guarantee*).

Take a look at these options for the internal finish and the fuel bed. Documents listed on our Download page will supply all the technical info you will require or give us a call on 0207 183 1806.


If the installation is in an enclosed space, try our Specialist outdoor fireplaces.

Let your design skills and imagination run riot! We'll hold your hand all the way.

Click on an image below for more info.

*LIFETIME GUARANTEE provided our cleaning and care instructions are followed.

Please see our terms & conditions

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