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We explain how balanced flues work.

Our efficient fire collection consists entirely of balanced flue and powerflue gas fires - no chimney required. From front-view models to see-throughs and room dividers - even outdoors - we ensure optimum ease of installation and an ultimate ambience with our sealed system. 

Space-saving. Our gas fires also have a small installation depth from just 250mm*. That way you can also save space.

How it works. A balanced flue fireplace is a gas fire that works as a completely sealed system. 

Fresh air. This means that the fireplace is not open to the room, but is completely sealed from indoors. Both outside air and flue gases run through a concentric flue.


Design freedom. Flue runs of up to 35m can be achieved by adding a powerflue fan, allowing flexibility for designers. The flue can then go down, up or horizontal.


Efficiency. The big advantage of a sealed system is that the flames are always behind a glass panel. This is safer and ensures a higher production of heat. 


Save money. And the heat in the room from Central Heating is not wasted. So, more heat and lower running costs!


Installation freedom. Plus we can install a balanced flue fireplace just about anywhere, even in an existing chimney or outside space. If the flue run is exceptionally long - or it is necessary to go under the floor - we also have the powerflue option.

*Always check the dims.

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