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Fire pit, firebowl or firetable?

You may have been thinking about adding a fire feature to your garden or landscaping project.

Outside gas and woodburning fires have become very popular in the UK & Europe, but as this acceptance has increased, so has the demand for different styles to evolve.

We started in outdoor fireplaces in 2010 by importing the Escea EF5000 outside gas fireplace and subsequently launched custom-built 'frameless' versions to satisfy the minimalist requirement of many designers, landscapers and home owners.

Urban Fires then introduced locally-made firetables and firepits to the UK & Ireland market in 2014. Here are some of our latest models:

Granite firetable by Urban Fires
Bespoke polished granite firetable

Polished concrete fire pit by Urban Fires
Urban Fires Dakota polished concrete fire pit

Urban Fires firetable in polished stone
Bespoke polished engineered stone firetable

Bespoke firepit by Urban Fires
Client's own design for a hybrid firetable/firepit

All of these models can be made to virtually any shape or size and from almost any noncombustible material, such as granite, engineered stone, porcelain, steel, brick or rendered blockwork. Even a mixture of those materials.

We will partner with designers and landscapers to create a different mood for every project.

Now, we have introduced a range of firebowls that, although not bespokeable, there are sufficient options of size and finish in the range to make every garden a little bit different.

We offer a unique range of no less than four sizes of firebowl, 600, 850, 725 and 914mm diameter and several different styles.

Urban Fires concrete firebowl
Concrete, 914 diameter Astra firebowl with Alaskan pebbles


It's probably your client that will make the final decision - and of course, it will also depend on your scheme and, typically, the preferred garden furniture layout. After all, we all like to sit around a fire, don't we? Send us your drawings or visuals and we'll hold your hand all the way through the process.

Don't forget, with Urban Fires you have the ultimate in customisation - we call it, Beyond The Flame. Specify materials, colours, textures, fuel beds, gas types, bioethanol liquid fuel and size.

Our gas burners will operate on either NG (mains gas) or LPG (propane cylinders) and are complete with handheld remote control and electronic ignition. You can even connect to home automation.

Optionally, all of these models can also be specified with a bioethanol burner, if no gas connection is available.

There is also a wide choice of feature 'fuel'. As standard, our gas models are all supplied with black Crystalight moulded ceramic glass as the gas media (with White and Clear as other colour options).

Different 'fuel' can be specified to sit as 'topping' on the Crystalight - High Definition ceramic pebbles in five different colours or textures, or even our High Definition ceramic logs in some cases.

Urban Fires ceramic pebbles
High definition Alaskan ceramic pebbles


Installation is simple, all that is needed is a gas & 240v electric supply as ventilation, drainage and electronic ignition are all built in. All models will come complete with a weather cover.

Our own technicians are trained to commission & certify these great products, or registered onsite personnel should be able to easily connect and commission themselves.

Check out our Download page for the latest technical info and the infrastructure you will need to provide.

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