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Frequently asked questions about indoor fireplaces.

Q Which fuel do I need?

A Most people these days opt for gas, it's clean, convenient and relatively inexpensive compared to some of the options. The alternatives are electric, burning logs or bioethanol liquid fuel.

Q What is the difference between Natural Gas and LPG?

A A natural gas supply may already be in your house. It's sometimes known as mains gas or NG. LPG is an alternative fuel if you can't have mains gas. Liquid Petroleum Gas and is supplied in cylinders which are typically stored outside or from a bulk tank.

Q Do I need an electrical connection?

A In most cases our fireplaces rely on batteries for automatic ignition and adjustable control of flame height. However, in most cases it is also possible to operate from 240v and we will supply a suitable adaptor. If you want to use home automation or a smartphone app a 240v supply will be required.

Q Will I need a chimney?

A If you opt for a balanced flue gas-powered appliance, it will be supplied with a simple factory-made flue which can either exit horizontally from an outside wall or rise vertically through the house. If you already have a chimney, we can convert it to a balanced flue. If you choose a bioethanol-powered fireplace, it will not require a chimney. The same goes for electric fireplaces. A woodburning fireplace will always require a chimney or suitable factory-made flue.

Q What is a balanced flue?

A Please follow this link for more info.

Q What if I want to burn logs?

A It's generally possible to burn wood in a suitable appliance - even in a smoke control area - so long as smoke doesn't cause a nuisance. Such appliances must be DEFRA-approved.

Q I don't have gas and I want to use bioethanol.

A Bioethanol is a liquid fuel made typically from vegetables. It produces a real flame, very similar to a gas fire. The fuel will be delivered to your home in 5 litre canisters and you will top up your bioethanol burner using the accessories provided and light it with the tools that come with it, or in the case of the fully-electronic versions, by remote control handset.

Q Do you supply traditional fireplace mantels?

A We can supply any fireplace type if you know what you want. Most traditional mantels can be fitted with up-to-date efficient gas fires or suitable woodburning appliances.

Q What are electric fireplaces like these days?

A They can look just like a gas fireplace! The main differences are that an electric fireplace doesn't need a flue, it will be less expensive to install but doesn't have the same heat output as a gas fireplace, typically just 2kW/hr.

Q Are your fireplaces safety approved?

A Our balanced flue gas fireplaces and all gas burners are certified to European standards and they bear the CE mark. They have been third-party tested by a Notified Body and certified to the European Gas Appliance Directive 2009/142/EC standards. They also benefit from an ISO quality surveillance programme.

Q How do I buy from Urban Fires?

A We are a B2B business, supplying at trade price. Our products may be purchased direct from Urban Fires, via local fireplace retailers, your preferred architect, builder, interior designer or garden designer. Contact us directly first or ask for details by using the Contact form.

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