Urban Outdoors POD pergolas can be anything you want, a standalone structure on the terrace, patio or deck, a freestanding item in the garden, a lean-to attached to the property or even built into an existing structure.

There are three options for our Classic PODs based on size and type of roof operation. Each has a motorised rotating louvred roof and are weatherproof when closed. The maximum sizes are:

Classic POD - up to 6m x 4m rotating blades.

Classic Plus POD - up to 7m x 4.5m rotating blade roof

Classic Gold POD - up to 6m x 4m rotating blades & retractable roof

Our top of the range Gold POD has a retractable roof which both rotates and slides - and we have the ability to seamlessly link PLUS or GOLD modules together to cover outdoor spaces of almost all sizes.

We offer several variations of standard-sizes and colours, or bespoke versions to your own design. 

Then one can add blinds or sidescreens, ambient LED lighting and even heating if you don't choose to install an Urban Fires firepit or firetable.