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Customise to your individual specification

We love working with designers. If you can imagine it, we can make it. Or check out our own innovative Photon styling and construction.

Here are the bases to work from:

  • Surfaces

  • Style

  • Copper, brass or stainless inlays

  • Dimensions

  • Burner, flames & fuel bed options

  • Technology - home automation

Surface materials: in addition to granite, we use many engineered stones and also Italian porcelain to create a unique firetable (or firepit) for your discerning client. Think Dekton, Neolith and Unistone, but the options are almost endless.

Photon is a unique lightweight construction method, ideal for use on roof terraces or gardens with difficult access for heavy objects. Using the finest Italian porcelain, we clad a stainless steel frame in beautiful coloured surfaces and textures.

Style: a table is a table, right? Yes, OK, but what about a firetable that can conceal it's inner technicality and just be ... a table? A useful table. Our Photon construction allows sliding countertops which hide the gas burner when not in use, or when your client just wants to use it as a table.


Inlays: Choose from brass, copper or stainless steel to add a little magic. Mix and match the porcelain, too!

Dimensions: Choose the size you want, up to 3m in length. Using our Photon lightweight construction, in the main it's still just a two-man lift.

Gas burners: and fuel beds, download more details here.

Technology: All our gas burners use smart home technology for ignition and control of flame height and heat output. From remote control by handset, to smartphone app or even our full-fat home automation interface. (For some services, a WiFi connection will be required).

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