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Frequently asked questions about outdoor fireplaces.

Q Which fuel do I need?

A Most people these days opt for natural gas, it's clean and more convenient. The alternatives are LPG, burning logs or using bioethanol liquid fuel.

Q What is the difference between Natural Gas and LPG?

A A natural gas supply is fed from your house, usually direct from the gas meter or kitchen. It's sometimes known as mains gas or NG. LPG (propane) is Liquid Petroleum Gas and is supplied in red cylinders. You probably have one for your barbecue. As a rule of thumb, a NG installation will be less expensive to operate than LPG.

Q Do I need an electrical connection?

A In most cases our outside fireplaces rely on a 240v supply for automatic ignition and adjustable control of flame height. However, often it is also possible to operate from batteries - but these may need to be changed quite regularly. If you wish to connect to home automation or use a smartphone app, a 240v supply will be required.

Q Can I get remote control with Urban Fires?

A All our outdoor fireplaces, firepits, firebowls and firetables can utilise one or more of our exclusive Signature gas burners. These burners come with handheld remote controls as standard. Optionally, you can operate via WiFi to smartphone app or hard wiring to home automation.

Q What if I want to burn logs?

A It's generally possible to burn wood in your garden, so long as any smoke doesn't cause a nuisance. If neighbours complain, the local authority can ask that you stop. An outside fireplace burning wood will need a factory-made chimney, but you can burn logs directly in a suitable wall fire, firepit or firebowl.

Q I don't have gas and I want to use bioethanol.

A Bioethanol is a liquid fuel made typically from vegetation. It will be delivered to your home in 5 litre canisters and you will top up your bioethanol burner using the accessories provided - and light it with the tools that come with it. More recently we have developed bioethanol burners with remote control and automatic ignition. Also, a unique and innovative glowing fuel bed.

Q What are the differences between firepits, firetables and wall fires?

A A firepit is typically square or rectangular in shape and open on all sides.​ A firetable is also usually rectangular, open on all sides but with the tabletop overhanging the base structure. A wall fire is mounted in a masonry enclosure, typically at seating height for maximum heating effect.

Q Can I move my outside fireplace?

A In most cases it's technically possible to take your gas firepit or firetable with you if you move house, but they aren't portable within the garden as they have connections to the gas and 240v supplies. If it's a requirement that you need to move your firepit, choose a bioethanol version.

Q Are your firepits safety approved?

A Our Signature gas burners are certified to European standards and they bear the CE mark. They have been third-party tested by an EU Notified Body and are certified to the European Gas Appliance Directive 2009/142/EC standards. Manufacture also benefits from a certified ISO quality surveillance programme.

Q How do I buy from Urban Fires?

A We are a B2B business, supplying at trade price. Our products may be purchased direct from Urban Fires, via local fireplace retailers, your preferred architect, interior designer or garden designer. Contact us directly first or ask for details by using the Contact form.

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