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ESCEA DX1500 & DX1000

The most efficient powerflue gas fireplaces in the world

Heat where you want it.

Escea’s heat ducting technology captures up to 90% of the available heat and carries it throughout the house via ceiling and floor vents. 


The ducting technology allows you to provide heat to more than one room in your home. 


Design freedom. The powerflue uses fan technology to heat the room but not the flue. The system allows the flue to run, up, down and horizontally giving the deign flexibility to put a fireplace anywhere.

Double the appeal. The DX series can be front-view or see-through. The see-through option is a great way to connect two spaces, or makes a dramatic room divider.

TV right above. TV's and fireplaces just go together. And this fireplace has a reduced clearance to allow the TV to sit a minimum of 200mm above the top of the fireplace.

Walk into warmth. Escea Smart Heat connects your fire to your home network and offers control of the fireplace from a smartphone app.

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